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The Watershed Café is a sustainable restaurant in Osceola, WI featuring simple comfort food prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Latte News - Baklava in a Cup

Baklava Latte from The Watershed Cafe

What do you get when you mix Crystal Ball Farms organic milk, espresso, local honey, cinnamon, and amaretto? A Baklava Latte! A delicious and sustainable treat in a cup to get you going in the morning or to get you through your day.

Baklava is a Turkish delicacy traditionally made with phyllo, honey, cinnamon, and nuts. According to The Baklava Guy, this flaky, croissant-like dessert was considered a special treat that only the wealthy could afford. While it is rich in flavor, Baklava has become a dessert that many can enjoy. It has also become a special treat that comes in many forms, including a Baklava Latte at The Watershed Cafe!

All of our lattes, hot chocolates, and specialty drinks from the espresso bar are made with organic milk from Crystal Ball Farms, a local and organic dairy farm in Osceola, WI.


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