Watershed Cafe

The Watershed Café is a sustainable restaurant in Osceola, WI featuring simple comfort food prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The "Being Green" Bowl

Being Green. These are just two simple little words - yet combined, they have a powerful impact. To The Watershed Cafe, "being green" embodies the good things in life: making fresh, locally, and sustainably sourced food available to everyone; cultivating partnerships that support environmental stewardship; safeguarding our Earth's natural resources; and being mindful of our impact on the Earth and those around us.

Our Being Green Bowl gathers up all of these ideals and contains them in one bright and colorful meal. Made up of green vegetables including Romaine lettuce, green onions, and peas this dish is full of the crisp flavors of spring. With Bob's Red Mill organic buckwheat groat, hemp pesto, creme fraiche, dillweed, and avocado, the Being Green Bowl is fresh and hearty. It's also a versatile meal, available with or without your choice of protein. 

This surprising, satisfying dish will put a spring in your step and nourish your soul!



Phone: 715.294.2638



 99 North Cascade St
Osceola, WI


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Tue - Sat: 8AM - 9PM

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