Watershed Cafe

The Watershed Café is a sustainable restaurant in Osceola, WI featuring simple comfort food prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Celebrating Slow Food at The Watershed Cafe

January. It’s the month to celebrate the New Year, new beginnings. But for many of us, it’s hard to get a cold start. It’s a wintery, curl up with a good book by a warm fire kind of a month. It’s the month when the term “comfort food” goes straight to your heart: you instantly imagine the meal that brings you home. With these qualities, January is naturally Slow Cooking Month. A month to celebrate and savor a thoughtfully prepared, home-cooked meal.

At The Watershed Cafe, we combine comfort food, slow cooking, and good food to create Slow Food. According to Slow Food USA, “Slow Food is food that’s good for us, good for our environment and good for the people who grow, pick and prepare it. In other words, food that is good, clean and fair. In many ways, Slow Food is the opposite of fast food. Slow Food is fresh and healthy, free of pesticides and chemicals, and produced and accessed in a way that’s beneficial to all – from the farmer to the eater” (www.slowfoodusa.org).

What does that mean for The Watershed Cafe? Through partnerships with small, family owned farms and ecological sources, we are able to provide you with the hearty flavors you can expect from The Watershed Cafe. Each of our menu items are heaping with fresh, seasonal, local, and sustainably sourced ingredients. Our made-from-scratch meals are carefully crafted, and our kitchen buzzes with the sounds of mindful preparation. Conversations rise and fall over the staccato notes of chopping vegetables, mincing garlic, peeling potatoes, and sizzling peppers. Comforting soup simmers on the stovetop. Smells of slow-roasted pork and rosemary vent from the oven. Sweet aromas of house-made cookies fill the air.

Slow Food for us at The Watershed Cafe means celebrating the earth and communities around us through thoughtfully produced, good food. Join us for a delicious, heart-warming meal that will bring you home!


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