Watershed Cafe

The Watershed Café is a sustainable restaurant in Osceola, WI featuring simple comfort food prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

New Locally-Focused Chip Dip!

Our new Cosmic Chip Dip is the delicious result of a partnership with local and sustainable Cosmic Wheel Creamery! Quark is a fresh, mild, and creamy cheese similar to cottage cheese or ricotta. When you combine locally-made quark with buttermilk, herbs, and our famous housemade potato chips, you get a Cosmic Chip Dip that is out of this world!

Cosmic Wheel Creamery is a sustainable CSA in Clear Lake, WI. This small, family-owned creamery produces artisan cheeses including aged, raw milk, natural rind, and fresh cheeses. The farm is striving to create a whole farm ecosystem where each element of the farm is interdependent - a truly sustainable model that respects the surrounding environment and wilderness while building soil and providing healthy, beautiful, and delicious food. For more about Cosmic Wheel Creamery, visit http://www.cosmicwheelcreamery.com/

To our friends at Cosmic Wheel Creamery - THANK YOU! Keep making quark so we can keep making this incredible dip!


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 99 North Cascade St
Osceola, WI


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